Everyone who reblogs this by March 17th will have their URL written on a piece of paper and put somewhere in Seoul, Korea


this is basically a copy of the london one but here’s korea too? i’ll post pictures and tag you and the like

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Shower. Brb.

Oh crap, there’s 868 of them precicely and over 3.5GB…

I have a whole load of photos from our family trip to Paris, that I have to sort out..,


I’d do it with more willingness and pleasure if I knew that I had some good shots in there, but I know there aren’t any… Should I post some and let you guys decide, coz most of the time, I hate the things I draw/create/etc…

Oh and btw, all of my photos are UNEDITED (coz I’m lazy) and my OWN WORK. Where it is not, I specify (unless it’s obvious, like a reblog). Feel free to use them, but please, please give credit.

Thanks!! :)

Here’s an idea, why don’t I sell some of my stuff, oh wait I don’t have anything valuable, heck people won’t even need any of my things, even if I pay them.

I’m in deep shit this time… Financially. Can I borrow a £100, anyone??? I’ll do a lapdance.

No but in all seriousness, my financial situation is so bad, I’m seriously considering a career in lap and pole dancing…